Dear Santa (And a Very Merry Giveaway)

Note: This is a guest post from Ironman triathlete and lifetime Santa-believer Susan Lacke.

Santa Claus
1225 Candy Cane Lane
North Pole

Susan Lacke, age 2?

Dear Santa,

It’s been a little while since I wrote to you. A year, actually. I kept meaning to touch base with you during the year, but time just got away from me! I know, I know. I say that every year. You’re starting to feel like I’m taking advantage of you, like I only write to you when I want a present.

That’s not true, Santa. I really was busy this year. I mean, I trained for an Ironman! That’s gotta count for something, right? I’m sure you know how it is. Don’t you spend a couple weeks doing P90X after eating all those cookies on Christmas, big guy?

Let’s cut to the chase. I know I’m supposed to be asking for selfless things now that I’m a grown-up. I should leave the requests for toys to my nieces and nephews while I request responsible things, like world peace.

Screw that, Santa. I want a tri bike.

Listen, buddy: I’ve been a good girl this year. I got up at 4 AM to train like I was supposed to (okay, I hit the snooze button a lot, but I got up eventually); I ran and biked more miles than I’m able to count; I swam laps in a pool like an aquatic hamster. Do you KNOW how boring lap swimming is, Santa?

I deserve this bike, man. Don’t get me wrong. I love my roadie, Bessie. She’s been very good to me. But after we’ve gotten hit by a car a couple times, she’s a bit worse for wear. I’d like to put her up in a nice retirement home in Boca and ride off into the sunset on my new sleek aerodynamic triathlon-specific bike. I promise I’ll take good care of him. I’ll feed and water and take him for rides every single day and love him so, so, so much! I’ll even give him a sexy name…like “Santa.”

Forget what your “naughty list” says, Santa. I don’t belong there. My readers at No Meat Athlete can vouch for me. They’ve been with me all year and will back me up on this one.

As a goodwill gesture, I’ll give them a chance to win a special prize, the Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Giveaway:

  • Vanilla Gingerbread, Mint and one additional favorite flavor/product from GU
  • Road ID socks, Road ID hat, & Road ID gift card
  • Ryders VTX and Grindhouse or Shreddie glasses

To win, readers should comment below by December 19 with what’s at the top of their own NMA Christmas wish lists.

See how this works, Santa? I give them something, you give me something. If you do this, I promise next year I’ll ask for world peace.

Or maybe a new wetsuit.



P.S. Please remind the good NMA boys and girls that they can still enter the giveaway by Wednesday, December 15.



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  1. The top of my NMA gift list is the book “Born to Run.” I realize I should have read it ages ago but I haven’t, even though everyone has told me I should. I really want to read it.

  2. Marc Allain says:

    At the top of my list is a new pair of high-end mountain bike shoes. I’m also dreaming for a Vitamix!

  3. Claire Abent says:

    At the top of my wish list is a nice pair of recovery socks and a backpack for my dog so she can carry her own water on our runs/hikes!

    • You wouldn’t make her carry YOUR water too, would you Claire? Naughty list… Actually I’ve done that before. I’ve read that some dogs like having a “job” to do like that. Apparently mine didn’t though, because he would sit down and not move as soon as we put the water bottles in his pack.

  4. At the top of my wish list is a GPS watch – I’d really like the Forerunner 210 but it’s too expensive for me right now πŸ™

  5. I would love some new, warm running tights!

  6. At the top of my list is a Felt B-16 tri bike but would settle for a couple clif bars and new running shoes

  7. Great post, and why shouldn’t adults talk to Santa about what they really want?! I am asking Santa for some tri-spoke wheels!

  8. At the top of my wish list this year: vegan (ie non-wool) socks that will actually keep my feet warm!

  9. Actually, very near the top of my list is, in fact, Road ID! I’m also hoping for a pair of Vibram Bikilas and some Injinji socks.

    Good luck with Santa!

  10. Susan – You and I have the same “want” from Santa. Except, unlike you, I don’t even have a road bike (sad face here). I did my first year of tri on a hybrid, and I just cannot do year #2 on that thing. It’s a sweet little bike, but it will not help me pass lots of boys and girls on the road. So, I’ll even take a ROAD BIKE, Santa. One I can clip my “spin shoes” into. That alone would be a huge step up!!!

  11. On top of my wishlist are warm running tights, a new running jacket, a buff and running gloves. I’m running my first marathon in May, and I don’t want the cold to prevent me from training this winter!

  12. I’m asking Santa for some running shoes that will help me recover from and prevent future navicular stress fractures.

  13. A new pair of Nike Free’s and a Timex Ironman watch are at the top of my Christmas list!

  14. I want a bike trainer so that I can continue biking in the cold, snowy land of Wisconsin πŸ™‚ Some new bike gloves wouldn’t be a bad idea either as I have worn through my others.

    Thanks for always making me laugh Susan!

  15. This year I have everything i want/need, so I forwent a list this year.

    I guess if I COULD put something on it, I would ask for:

    1. Gu in 3 flavors
    2. Road ID gear
    3. Riding glasses

    hmmm looks familiar…

  16. I would like the book Thrive so that I can fulfill my New Year’s resolution and officially become a vegetarian endurance athlete! I would settle for a strong finish at the Flying Pig marathon and the Dances with Dirt 50-miler in Michigan!

  17. Bill Gerros says:

    World Peace? On NMA shouldn’t we be wishing for Whirled Peas? I wish my tri time to come down quite a bit this next season, so an upgrade on the bike wouldn’t be a bad idea for me either. And I promise this year to spend less time looking at the pretty views from my bike and concentrating on racing more.

  18. At the top of my list would be some sweet minimal trail running shoes, so I can start training for my first ultra in 2011!

  19. I would like a vacation someplace warm that has fresh whole fruits and vegetables growing year-round where I can feast on succulent food and run barefoot in the sun.

  20. I’d like some CEP socks and some Saltstick tabs…

  21. Valerie Hower says:

    I’d like a box of margarita flavored Clif Shot Bloks. YUMM! And the salt keeps me from cramping during ultras! YAY

    thanks Santa!

  22. At the top of my list is a pair of Brooks Cascadia trail shoes so I can trek off into the woods this winter without worrying about slipping all over the place.

  23. My NMA wish is “Born to Run.” I requested it from my library ages ago, but I’m still on the waiting list.

    I also would like the complete Harry Potter series. πŸ™‚

  24. I’d like an extra 6 hours every day so I can fit in the training I need for every event that I’d like to do, please and thank you!

  25. So many things on my list! But I really need to outfit my dog in better running gear, so I would like a nice windproof jacket and reflective leash/collar for him. For me, I would like some vibram five fingers and a container of each flavor of Tara’s Whey protein, yum.

  26. Sport earphones that will stay in my ears during those long winter runs on the treadmill! The apple earbuds are not cutting it.

  27. I love this! I’m thinking I should be a good girl and ask for whirled peas, but what I really want is a new marathon PR. If Santa could help with that, that would be awesome!

  28. At the top of my list is a nice, reflective running-specific windbreaker, like the yellow one Brooks makes that seems to actually glow. I like running in the dark and in the snow, but I’m not too big on being hit by cars and I don’t like the wind, either.

    I’ve been reading for months, but this is the first time I’ve commented. Crafty. May have to do this more often.

  29. I could really use some bike jerseys, I have one, and its getting a little gross. Or new tri shorts…or…..

  30. I would love a Garmin gps watch!!!!

  31. At the top of my wish list is a wet suit and a used Tri bike so I can make the transition from running to triathlons.

  32. I’m really hoping Santa brings me some running pants! I had no idea North Carolina would be so cold this time of year…it didn’t get this cold in South Carolina until late January (at least during the past 2 years). I’m starting to train for a 10k (and then maybe a half!) and need some warmer running gear. I’ve run 4 5ks and I want to race at a longer distance in 2011!!!

  33. I would really love a Garmin so I can track my pace while running outside.

  34. at the top of my list? the bike that i’m going to use to train for my first ironman! i’ve already picked him out; he’s a cannondale and his name is mack the knife. i would also be eternally grateful if santa would bring me a bike trainer.

  35. I’m wishing for a new pair of tri shoes to go with my new bike!

  36. A Vitamix is at the top of my wish list

  37. I have asked for a running windbreaker and book “run less, run faster” and about 2 dozen cookbooks.

  38. A case of Penguin Sport Wash or Sports Suds because my gear is nasty. Also, a pair of Zensah compression sleeves for my legs. Happy Holidays.

  39. A prenatal yoga dvd and a healthy “no meat” pregnancy!

  40. my NMA wishlist includes new running sneakers and gym clothes…I never spend the money to buy cute clothes for myself when they are just going to get covered in my sweat!

  41. I recently got a lot of what was on my list…but sunglasses are still there (and I’ve heard massively good things about Ryder’s!)

    I would also like to get the job I’m interviewing for…it’s close to my house, so I would also like a bike for what would be my new commute, any kind will do!

  42. Matthew Smith says:

    Having just gotten into triathlon this year, and spent a bundle doing so, I realized I’ve got a long way to go.

    At the top of my list is a bike trainer (fluid please)

    After that:

    – Garmin GPS / Heart monitor / Bike Computer

    – Winter riding clothes

    – Winter running jacket

    – Year’s supply of Lara Bars (Peanut butter cookie or coconut cream pie flavor)

    – Tri bike shoes

    and what the heck….a tri bike and entry fee into the myriad of races I’m going to enter this year.

    Thanks for putting this blog together. As I’m getting in better shape, I’m dramatically lowering my meat consumption and your site has been a help and inspiration. Best wishes for much health and happiness in 2011!

  43. I hope being greedy doesn’t make me naughty…I just have so much at the top of my list. I’d love some Brooks Green Silence, some new Veg cookbooks, and running tights to keep my legs warm on the 20 degree days!

  44. I’m with all the people wishing for winter running tights – it’s getting cold here!

  45. Awesome post! Seems like Santa will be bringing a few of those this year! (hopefully). Top of my list this year are some running spikes so I can get back out there in this crazy weather.

  46. Took the plunge from vegetarian to vegan. I want a cookbook where I don’t have to think about substitutions. Real deal vegan, with real deal pages (not cyber!) that I can accidently get dirty while cheffing my way about the kitchen!

  47. The first thing on my list is some nice warm running pants to keep my tush toasty, and waterproof socks so I don’t lose any toes. I’d also like to ask for a Garmin for my husband as he starts triathlon training in January. And a gift certificate for the couples vegetarian cooking class at the local culinary school. Thanks Santa!

  48. my list basically has three things: an indoor bike trainer, a NOOK color, and to break 4 hours in the lincoln marathon in may πŸ™‚

  49. The top of my list?

    Some relaxing time at home with my family. Time to catch up with my law-school ridden sister. AND hiking boots for the trip I’m taking to Peru in January!

  50. Neat post, always enjoy your guest posts πŸ™‚

  51. At the top of my list is- shoes! I desperately need new ones, but I’m so poor.

  52. All that’s on my list is a new marathon PR! Oh and peace on earth, of course.

  53. I need a hydration pack and some Nuun for my long runs, now that I’m training for the Rome Marathon (my first).

  54. I’d have to say –

    WII Fit, Dance Revolution 1 & 2, some fancy new spices for cookings and a killer blender (mine is on it’s last leg – bad for smoothies) :-/

  55. A double chariot so it is a bit easier to train with two kiddos!

  56. A pair of Nike Free Run!

  57. I asked Santa for a new tri top — and a kitchen sink. Seriously, I hate ours. It is quite possibly the lamest thing I’ve ever wanted for Christmas…

  58. The top of my list is some flax seed, a Spibelt, and a slew of Vegetarian cookbooks and nerdy English-grammar books. My fiancΓ© laughed when I showed him my list!!

  59. Fishback Boy says:

    I want a new right achilles.

  60. Dear Santa… Bring me a Kona slot! This is not a request; all my races will be rev3, and apparently that’s not good enough, so bring me an envelope with an invite to race Kona….or I’ll be visiting your house next year, with something far worse than coal…and much more painful. K thanks

  61. I’ve been a good girl so I deserve a tri bike and a garmin to go with my cadence sensor.

    Wishful thinking (considering there is no gift exchanging this year)

  62. Dear Santa, Please bring me some bright and reflective running gear to keep me safe in the dark this winter. And a new bike saddle would be great! Thanks, Laura

  63. I totally want a road bike also. Unfortunately, I am so far away from the goal money-wise I haven’t even looked in to what type.

  64. Dear Santa, I would like some new cold weather running gear!

  65. My top two wishes this year are a tofu press and garmin forerunner 110. neither of which will be coming my way but its always nice to dream πŸ™‚

  66. I have, for a while now, been asking Santa (and my mom & dad) for some Salba, an Eastbay Giftcard, and most importantly, for their support in my attempt at vegetarianism. (They say that it’s unhealthy!)

  67. winning the lotto would be awesome, but if that isn’t under the tree then some new running socks would be great!

  68. the ability to do the 21 day Vegan kick start program. The jump from vegetarian to vegan seems so large! πŸ™‚

  69. I really want a rice cooker…Which sounds lame now that I’ve written it out, but I’m pretty sure will ultimately be life changing.

  70. Dear Santa –
    I know we’ve discussed this several times already, but I really need (not just “want”) a Blenctec Blender. It’s such a big deal, I’m willing to give up shopping at SkirtSports and Sugoi, even if they have wicked sales over the next couple of weeks.
    Love you Santa,

  71. The top of my list is a yogitoes skidless yoga towel and the ability to complete at least the half marathon I said I’d do next year

  72. a new set of knees – the kind that don’t hurt

  73. I want a a set of yak trax so I can run in the snow and for everyone in my family to get healthy!

    …and a very special order from

  74. Top of my list is a BQ this year – if too much to ask – I would also go for an iPad for WHEN I get in to NYC Marathon I can download the cool Apple apps!

  75. Some fancy shmancy cooking stuff so that I make healthy vegan cuisine easier (and Santa, if you’d bring me someone to share it with me, that’d be super swell)

  76. Janice Phillips says:

    I want a Garmin in the WORST way. I would particularly like the new waterproof one, however, I would be happy with last years model too. πŸ™‚

  77. I really need new shoes!! πŸ™‚

  78. I’m LOL. Another brilliant post by Susan!

    I want my mojo! I’m not freaking out yet, but it’s sort of gone. If I can’t get the mojo, just some tri shorts, in medium, cause, well the lack of mojo is taking me from a small to a medium πŸ˜‰

  79. Dear Santa, I’d like KSO Treks in brown 41s. And a nice e-Flight Blade MSR rc heli!! :-). THANKS!

  80. This is my legit Christmas list. I’m so glad to be sharing it with running/fitness nerds who won’t laugh at me like my family does πŸ™‚

    -More knee braces so that I can wear some non sweaty versions of the knee braces I wear when I run to wear on my recovery days

    -More warm running clothes… brrr!

    -A large jar of that amazing and super expensive almond butter!

    -Vibrum five fingers

    -the hottest bod ever please πŸ™‚

    okay, so the last part isn’t really on my Christmas list, but I’d take it… πŸ˜‰

  81. I’m going to be looking for some good presents under the tree this year (snowboard/ blender maybe?), but I want other people to get good presents too. Santa, can you give me a present that I can give to a charity or a shelter. Have you forgotten those people who have had it worse than us? They need some christmas cheer too.

  82. A Garmin 305X and a new pair of running shoes!

  83. Jason Youngblood says:

    Dear Santa,

    I would like to win the lottery so I can buy a new bike to replace the one I built that was stolen as well as have some money left over to buy an island to create some bad ass private single track trails on.

  84. I really want some cute winter running apparel!! … make that NEED some πŸ™‚

  85. The top of my wishlist is really warm running apparel for the winter. It is frigid out there!

  86. I would really like more time in the day to train so my wife doesn’t feel like I am neglecting her and the family.

  87. I’d love it if, for Christmas, the readers here would volunteer with (or make a tax deductible donation to) their local Girls on the Run chapter. My wife has been volunteering with this group training with the girls, and it just makes such a difference to these kids to have a strong, positive role model in their lives.

    As for me, Santa… maybe a new pair of Vibrams? I’m starting to get debris between the sole and the liner, and it hurts. :'( Pretty please, Santa?

    • I totally back Tim up on this one. Girls on The Run is an amazing, amazing organization. But if any reader has an organization which helps people change their lives for the better, I encourage you to donate your time, money, or skills to help this Christmas season!

  88. Dear Santa,
    Where do I start? I have been really good this year and had some pretty crappy luck. Could you heal my foot so I could run again? If that’s too tall an order, maybe a Vita-Mix? Or some Kinvara’s in a 9.5 (black and pink preferably) for when I’m ready to run again? I’ll stop there. Thanks

  89. At the top of my list is Vibram 5-fingers!!

  90. Ashley mckenney says:

    At the top of my Christmas wish list is a mild Maine winter. I’ll be training for Boston soon and my long runs will be safer if I don’t have to fight plow trucks for use of the road and more enjoyable if my water bottles don’t freeze the moment I step out the door. I wonder if GU freezes…

  91. oh man, a new bike (perhaps a tri bike?) would be awesome… i dunno if santa can fit that under my tree thought πŸ˜‰

  92. I desperately want a Garmin 405 since I live in the stone age and basically never know how far I run or my speed. I also want/need a RoadID so it would be perfect to win! πŸ˜‰

  93. janine fraser says:

    I would LOVE the Road ID gift card, since my ID is out of date now…Hope you get your new bike, I’m sure you have been good…:)

  94. Dear Santa,

    I would love to get some new underarmour. A girl can only run in the same shirt and tights until they start smelling like your reindeer….

  95. Susan’s been a good girl! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    The top of my xmas list has two items I’m really hoping for:
    1- Garmin 305 -to help with my training
    2- Lululemon intense winter pants for running (windproofing front, wicking back of pants!)

  96. Dear Santa,
    I want the courage to run my first marathon this year!

  97. Susan Kelley says:

    I want some fancy compression socks and a maternity running skirt for the holidays!

  98. I would love some new running clothes (mine are getting pretty worn out) and a cookbook by Peter Berley!

  99. Dear Santa,

    My muscles want moar oxygenated blood flow! I need a full compression recovery suit right away please.

  100. jon Weisblatt says:

    Dear Hanukkah Harry,
    I would love for you to give me the ability to find my mental fortitude to stick with the whole food plant based diet and not stray too often into the animal protein world. I can’t help it if I like milk chocolate! I would also love a NMA running shirt, either long or shirt sleeve XL.
    Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy WInter Soltice, and Merry Christmas to all!

  101. To not totally bomb at my first official half marathon (which isn’t until February 2011, but I’ll settle for a promissory letter in the meantime)…

  102. I’m with Grieber….new knees please!

  103. A new Camelbak and lots and lots of nice running socks!

  104. Dear Santa,

    I’d like my husband to be somewhat supportive and not so critical about vegetarian/vegan spins to old favorites………..or a BlendTec….

  105. All I want for Christmas is a pair of VibramFiveFingers and a juicer. I already got the juicer! πŸ™‚

  106. Bobby LeClaire says:

    I would love, some new gear to keep me warm when i go out and run in the winnipeg winter, and a new pair of vegan sparring gloves. oh yea, and like the others have mentioned i could also use a new set of knees. But most importantly i long for the renewal of dedication that the fixed knees will surely bring.

  107. I need new Mizuno running shoes badly and to keep growing a healthy baby (due in March).

  108. chrstian watson says:

    Either a pair of Sidis or a food processor..either one would do wonders for my cycling, running and vegan lifestyle……if those aren’t available, a cortisone shot in my I.T. band would be awesome πŸ™‚

  109. A road bike would be fabulous. I love my mountain bike, but even with slicks it’s just not cutting it if I want to do a tri!

  110. Socks that don’t have holes in the toes, new trail shoes, and windproof gloves.

    Oh, and some assurance that I will survive my first ultramarathon in January.

    It is amazing how this list has changed from 1990, when I asked for point shoes and ballroom dancing Barbie.

  111. brooks green silence running shoes! vegan, ecofriendly, and blessed with minimalism.

  112. My list is still jam packed with the basics. I still need a bike…not a tri bike, just a road bike. I may need a wet suit as well. But to be honest…if you can go ahead and get that world peace thing taken care of, I’ll figure the rest out for myself. πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  113. I want some cold weather gear!

  114. Honestly? A salad spinner tops my Christmas list this year. I’m too poor to buy a decent one, but I’m a bit hesitant to eat unwashed pre-bagged lettuce. I also hate puddles of water in my salad bowl and definitely don’t think far enough ahead to air dry the stuff.
    That and a pair of VFF classics. Gotta throw in something fun, right?

  115. I’d love a tri bike for Christmas too. I’ve been dreaming of getting into triathlons!

  116. Got my eye on a pair of VibramFiveFingers!

  117. Dear Santa, I would like a membership to my local pool.

  118. Dear Santa,
    I haven’t written to you in a while but this year I’ve been working on myself. Last year we wanted to do our first marathon but with a new job and the long hours, I lost the motivation.
    This year, I’ve been working on the motivation. When my husband deployed, I stuck it out with one of my trainer buddies and did CrossFit 4 times a week. I stuck to a goal and it felt great-with my husband back, I managed to stick with it.
    The problem now though is I want to become a better runner, a better vegetarian (or become vegan), and a better environmentalist. So… part of me wants you to just give me the answers. Tell me how to do it all! How do I transition into veganism when my husband is addicted to cheese and my environmentalist ways prevent me from buying overly processed, overly packaged, and overly traveled foods to meet my nutritional needs.
    I know you can’t give me the answers though. Because we’ll be moving every three years so I need something more sustainable than the answers for how to live right now.
    So I guess I’m asking for perseverance. I know the motivation is there (I can feel it like the Force within me). With the inspiration I’ve attained in Born to Run, No Impact Man, No Meat Athlete, and countless other sources, I can sustain the desire. But the answers elude me still. My goal is to do my first marathon next year, begin my transition into veganism, and meet my own standards for a low impact life. It would be great if you could help me with a hint or eight here and there and some steadfast perseverance.

    Thanks buddy.

  119. Jenny Primm says:


    I would be very happy with a pair of tights and gloves to run in this crazy cold that you sent to the south! I do not enjoy the treadmill for long runs and love the snow but this 7 degree high’s is killing me with out the proper wear πŸ™‚

    Thank you kindly,

  120. A job doing what I love and a flexible schedule that allows me to cook, run, and still sleep!

  121. Dear Santa,

    I know I’ve been a faithful runner, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to branch out a bit. So, I would really, really like that Trek 2.1 with my name on it at the bike shop. And some funny running/biking socks from the Sock Guy.


  122. I would love Santa to bring a juicer and a Pair of inov8 x-talon 190’s – apparently there are none in my size in the United States, so maybe he has some at the North Pole!

  123. I want a lifetime supply of hempseeds!

  124. I would love Santa to bring me some really great winter running leggings so I can run in Chicago without fear of the negative wind chills.

  125. I want an Excalibur Dehydrator… and, an a Vita Mix? We are transitioning to a mostly raw vegan diet, and it would make my life so much easier — I still gotta feed a marathoner (me), an Ironman (the Mister) and an up-and-coming athlete (toddler)!

  126. I hope santa brings me warm running clothes for my chilly winter marathon training runs!

  127. At the top of my Christmas list is a quick fix for my running buddy’s recently diagnosed stress fracture. She has trained for months to run her first half marathon (Dec. 19) and Santa’s help to heal her would be sincerely appreciated!!

    • Katherine, where’s the stress fracture? I used to deal with those all the time in my shin.

      • Her stress fracture is on the bottom of her foot where the 3rd and 4th toes meet the foot. I also got a stress fracture (in my shin) from overtraining for my first half marathon, though I didn’t know it at the time and ran the thing anyway! If our bodies could only keep up with our love for running…

  128. Dear Santa,

    I’d love a new, nice yoga mat so that my teacher doesn’t say “what’s that?” to the flurries coming off of my old old (10 years I think?) mat, or my 4 month old mat that did the same thing in a week.

    Also, if you can arrange for the NMA carrot mascot to run with me at the 10 miler I haven’t started training for this spring, I’m sure I’ll finish!

    Hearts and snowflakes,


  129. There are only 2 things on my list:
    1. Cold weather running gear. (Thinking about spending all winter on the treadmill makes me shudder. I want to be outside!)
    2. Motivation! (My running partner/husband joined the army and will be at Basic Training for a couple of months.)*

  130. Dear Santa,

    I would like a thick workout mat so that I can do pilates rolling moves without hurting my tailbone!


  131. A bigger allowance for racing. That, and Saucony Kinvaras.

  132. I want Santa to bring me a sweet Salomon jacket and Black Diamond headlamp so I can battle through another crazy mid-atlantic winter.


  133. I would pledge my unwavering Santa support if I finally found clip-in shoes that don’t distort and numb my toesies on long rides under the tree!

  134. Amanda Mae says:

    Dear Santa,

    It would be great if I could get a proper sports bra for Christmas…I’m sure both myself and many others would appreciate it.



  135. 1- Yes! I want a tri bike too, Santa!
    2- More importantly, I want my stress fracture to heal completely so I can start running again

  136. the strength to endure chicago temperatures in the teens and get myself into the gym for early morning weight lifting sessions

  137. Santa,
    I am a newbie NMA. I need a cookbook

  138. Stepho Saurus says:

    To Santa,

    I would like, and have wished for many a year, for the motivation for my mother and father to start jogging. I won’t jump the gun and wish for them to begin running immediately…that would be too ambitious. Baby steps. I just want them to be healthy and fit!


  139. I want Santa to bring me a Garmin watch for running!!

  140. On the top of my wish list for the holidays is a Brooks Utopia Soft Shell Jacket, Saucony gloves (fleece-lined!), and fancy cooking salts πŸ™‚

  141. Dear Santa,

    I have been a very, very, very good girl this year, and I would like a PowerTap for Xmas.

    Thank you!!!!


    A Running Partner

    And more great advice from No Meat Athlete (that should get bonus points)

  143. I really, really need a Garmin watch. Please!!!

  144. I want a new smartwool base layer, and some sort of light weatherproof jacket for running through the winter in Chicago.

  145. Dear Santa,
    I’d like some cross country skis please!
    Love always,

  146. debbie binder says:

    Santa, in addition to peace, please bring me an inversion table. I would love to feel the stttreeetchhh. Thanks Santa.

  147. Winter running gear to keep me nice and toasty during cold Sunday morning long runs, please!

  148. A running Camelbak and cash, please. πŸ™‚

  149. Susan, I hope you get your tri-bike, especially that sexy Trek tri-bike in the link.

    I want to run 100 miler. Is that too much to ask? I need my workload to be lighter so I can get trained up.

    And I want a NMA shirt.

  150. My brother and I would absolutely love a new elliptical Santa, please and thank you!

  151. Dear Santa,

    I’d love an Icebreaker shirt, some new running gloves, ear warmers, and Kinvaras for Christmas!

  152. I’d like … to win this giveaway?

  153. Mary Ellen Reimers says:

    I really want a treadmill. I hate running on them, but living in North Dakota, there are some days that just won’t let me get outside to run. Like this morning. It was -4*, with 20 mph winds, and sleeting/snowing. It was miserable! So… I want a treadmill!

  154. Dear Santa,

    My first wish is for the VitaMix blender so my wife, two daughters, and I can enjoy healthy tasty smoothies. I also wish for a cool LED headlamp so I can run my local trails after the girls are in bed (or before they wake up). Thanks Santa. I’m looking forward to running in the dark fuelled by a tasty vegan smoothie!

  155. I need Santa to bring me the gear I need for my first triathlon in August. I need him to help me become a better swimmer so I don’t drown. I also need a nice beginners training schedule since I’ve never done anything like this before (I usually only run)!!!

  156. I would love a heart rate monitor !!

  157. Dear Santa,

    I want the motivation to get up early enough to train each day. I know that will be hard to wrap, and fit under the tree, but I have no doubt you can figure it out. Barring that, a new bike will make me happy.

  158. Happiness & health for the whole universe is the only thing on my list! πŸ˜€

  159. Dearest Santa,
    For Christmas, I would really like to make it to state in Track this year. I’ve been training really hard and took my two weeks off between XC and conditioning, like I was told to. It would be the best gift ever if I could. In my 16 years of life, I have fallen in love with running & the sport… I’m so close, so I know I can do it! Maybe your gift to me could be that little extra push I need. On January 1st, I will have been a vegetarian for a year now! See, Santa? I think I deserve to make it this year…If you’re feeling really generous, a few other girls on my team deserve it too!

    Love Lexi

  160. Vega Health Optimizer and Vega oil. Love the site.

  161. I would love a bike. I’m on my school’s triathlon team and I dont have one! The shame.

  162. A food dehydrator and juicer! I’m looking to enhance my raw cooking! (im a teenage vegan and a cross country runner:)

  163. I’d love a new Macbook to track all the great training that will happen next year!

  164. Top of my Christmas Wish List: A really cool food processor. I know that my sound kinda boring to most people BUT I’ve been reading all the recipes on the NMA site and in Brendan Brazier’s Thrive, and quite a few call for a food processor. Sooo, I would love to get one so I can try out those great recipes.

    I’ve just bought myself a NMA tee-shirt so Santa can cross that off his list.

  165. I would like a swim coach, please…

  166. More sleep! Barring that, an in-house masseuse.

  167. Tippy-top of my list would be a year’s worth of personal training sessions, but a close second would be a year’s worth of massages! Better yet, both! One to hurt me good, and one to heal me. πŸ™‚

  168. Dear Santa,

    I am dying for a GPS watch! And anything that will keep me warm as I have committed this winter to running outside, no matter what!

  169. Well first …I want sweet new skis to keep up cross training in the winter. And more realistically I would love new running shoes to get me motivated!

  170. I want a new back! I hurt mine training for an ultra this summer, and haven’t been able to resume running or even biking since πŸ™ It is driving me up a wall! Going from being active to inactive stinks. A treadmill would also be nice so I could continue my rehab walking without freezing outside!!

  171. I would love a great blender! I want to be able to drop the whole apple/carrot/celery into it… instead of having to chop everything into tiny pieces before it’s blended!

  172. I’m wishing for a pair of Powerbeats Sport Headphones from the Beats collection by Dr. Dre and a NMA shirt. A snazzy new shirt and headphones that don’t fall out while I’m erging would definitely help make winter training a little more bearable!

  173. I really want a Spibelt so I can carry my phone with me when I run/don’t have to check the pocket in more shorts every five seconds to make sure my apartment key is still there!

  174. Dear Santa,
    I’d like to hitch a sleigh-ride down to the pool each morning. I get chilled to the bone in my current jacket and when I jump in the water I’m still not warmed up from the walk. So a nice lift from you and Rudolph would be much appreciated. But I know you are busy, so it might be more convenient for you if you stuck a nice, warm parka — are your elves familiar with patagonia? — under the tree this Christmas. And of course I’ll leave you some healthy NMA cookies from one of Christine’s recipes in return.

  175. Dear Santa,

    What I want most for Christmas is a pair of CEP running sleeves (in black!). I’ve been obsessing and envisioning wonderful recoveries with them!

  176. I’m wishing for a paid-for race entry fee!

  177. Hm…some new bike shorts, arm warmers, peace on earth and good will to all people, and an iPad.

  178. oh santa….

    i desperately need some new hip flexors for christmas. these two are just worn thin. can you help a sista out?


  179. Cory "The Vegan Firefighter" says:

    Dear Santa,
    Sorry its been about 25 years since I have written.
    Like most people, I to am hitting some hard times. We are down to one income after my wife lost her job. My wife and I have four children that we love and enjoy and their Christmas is my first priority. So please don’t put my request above theirs; I just thought maybe since I have been such a good boy there may be a place for me on your list.
    I just ran in my FIRST marathon in Las Vegas, it was an exhilarating and rewarding experience. You see I ran for the challenge for myself but I also ran for charity. I was able to raise over $1000 for Farm Sanctuary; the money will go to benefit neglected farm animals. The marathon was a little expensive though and to make my participation in it possible I had to be quite frugal. Running shorts and socks from the clearance rack. A dry tech from Walmart and a donated time share for my lodging in Las Vegas. I was blessed however with a sponsorship from Newton Running who supplied shoes for the marathon.
    To get to the point Santa I would like a worry free run weekend, because without your help I don’t know when I will be able to afford to run my next race. Registration for my next marathon and hotel for my wife and myself so we could go without the babies (who are both under two) would be amazing. My wife and I would very much appreciate any help you could send our way!
    Cory “The Vegan Firefighter”

  180. I wannna get some awesome compression pants, a rolly stretchy thing, some warm socks, and my own indoor track. Hey, it’s cold out there!

  181. So simplistic, but I would love a pair of sleek but very WARM running gloves! My old, crappy, dollar store pair of knit gloves just isn’t cutting it during winter marathon training!

  182. I really want an actual food processor! I have a little “chopper” and it can’t really accommodate as much hummus as I want to make.

  183. Did Santa come through with your tri bike??!! FUN post – just found your blog; love it πŸ™‚

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