Giant Blister Attacks Tokyo!

Warning: Just below the fold, I have placed a giant photo of the disgusting blister on my foot!  (As I write this, I wonder how many subscribers this stunt will cost me.)  If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t scroll down, immediately close your browser, and come back tomorrow for Sweet Tooth Friday.  Or just skip to the bottom for veggie burgers!

Still with me?  Good! Dealing with blisters is a reality of marathon training for a lot of people, so maybe this can serve as a warning to take care of your feet, BEFORE your blister threatens to take your entire foot on its way to world domination.

It’s really not a blister anymore, just a circle of very tender skin that hurts to run on and seems to expand with every run.  I’m noticing that I’m limping again towards the end of my workouts, unconsciously running on the outside of my foot because of the pain, and I know that this is an excellent way to get myself injured.  I really need to get this thing taken care of, or at least find a way to manage it for five more weeks until my marathon, after which I can give it a good, long rest.

[blister photo]

Aaaaahhh!!!  Scary huh?  Angela from Oh She Glows wrote a very timely post about managing blisters with moleskin and electrical tape, so that’s my next move in this chess match against what I affectionately call the revolting blob.  Does anyone have any more ideas?

While I’m on the topic of disgusting things, I had to induce vomiting in poor Linus today, who swallowed a cotton headband that Maggie, Erin’s little second cousin, flung at him.  Kind of funny, I must admit, but I was worried about him.  I called the vet and they said to give him a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide immediately.  I reluctantly did it, and sure enough, two minutes later we had a girl’s headband coated in doggie stomach acid.  Hungry yet?

In Other, Much Less Disgusting, News…

[guitar and girls photo]Erin’s cousins left this morning, after a whirlwind four days.  We had lots of fun with them; it’s funny how you look at kids differently when you know one is on the way!  Here we are in somewhat of a kumbaya moment, which consisted mainly of the girls shouting out Miley Cyrus songs for me to look up on the internet so they could sing along with the guitar.  It was actually fun!  It made me realize how nice being able to play the guitar will be once I have my own kid.

Black Bean Burgers

For dinner last night, I tried out a black bean burger recipe by Alison from Mama’s Weeds.  The best thing about these burgers was that they were SO SIMPLE to make.  You probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry, and you can even adapt the recipe to whatever vegetables you have lying around.  I quickly sauteed some onion and garlic to use in mine, with ground rolled oats and barbeque sauce as the binder.  I really wanted to use buffalo sauce, but then again, I always really want to use buffalo sauce.  To spare Erin’s still-functioning taste buds, I didn’t, but I topped my burger with it.  Including the sauteeing step, it only took me about 15 minutes to get these burgers on the table.  And they were really tasty!  Still wish I could find a way to firm them up a bit though; I had the same structural-weakness problem with the last black bean burger recipe I tried.

[black bean burger photo]

Alright guys, that’s all for today.  Hang in there, Sweet Tooth Friday is almost here.  And I promise, no more blister photos.

Ooh I almost forgot, “Runs on Plants” won the blog-tagline vote in a landslide, garnering over half of the votes!  So I’ve made that the tagline in my current header, soon to be replaced by my new blinged-out one.



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  1. I am sorry, I do not know which is more disgusting, singing the Miley Cyrus songs or the blister. You see Cyrus girl scares me, and foot blob thing is pretty scary looking also. The Linus story was funny, the ending I mean, not the inducing of vomitting. Okay, I was hungry, but I think I will wait a bit till I eat now. Thanks for very informative writing today. :O

  2. I’m definitely going to have to try this. I love black bean burgers. They are probably the one thing that keeps me from going back to eating meat because burgers are really the only thing I miss.
    .-= Caleb´s last blog ..On starting to run… =-.

  3. Awesome! I’m so glad you tried the veggie burgers and liked them! We love them here, they are my quick and easy “go to” meal. I do agree about the firmness of them, I’ve had some batches that are better than others, it’s hit or miss – probably because I eye ball it each time.

    I made your corn cakes last Friday, they were a hit! Even my mom said they looked great and she was going to try them too.

    The blister – so I’ll tell you what I tell breastfeeding mom’s who have chewed, cracked and bleeding nipples, something that can happen with a newborn. (Get ready dude, life will soon be full of this sort of stuff!) Moist skin heals faster – have you ever noticed that a burn or cut on the inside of your mouth heals pretty quick? It’s because it’s moist in there! Since the blister is gone and you are just dealing with tender skin, I’d find some sort of salve to keep smeared on there. Something like shea butter (I use on my feet regularly to keep cracks, dry skin, etc at bay – nothing like a good rub down before going bed at night), lanolin (provided you don’t have a wool allergy) or even neosporin. Keep the skin moist and soft and it will heal faster – provided you’ve corrected the issue that gave you the blister in the first place.
    .-= Alison´s last blog ..Run Like You Stole Something =-.

  4. That is really gross, but not much worse than when I repeatedly posted pics of my blue toenail on the blog…

  5. Alison never fails! hahahaa.

    I need to try these asap! yours looked like they came out just perfect! 🙂

    i hope your blister get better soon
    .-= Lizzy´s last blog ..Go RED =-.

  6. My blister looked like that about a week before it healed. Yes, another week. I did notice that day by day it got easier to run on, but goodness I am glad that thing is gone.

    Take care of Erin’s taste buds, poor thing will be in a whirlwind soon enough. When I was pregnant I couldn’t even see or touch meat. Kind of funny that those were my cravings seeing as now I won’t see or touch it. I guess my body knew what I should have done years ago.
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..I am Alive, barely! =-.

  7. Oh no! That blister really has a mind of its own huh? I am wincing and feeling pain just looking at it. No idea how you muster the courage to run through it. No doubt you are just as strong mentally as physically! Truly hope it get better soon for you.
    On a happier note the black bean burger looks delish as does the bun you served it on!
    Here’s to healthy feet! Good luck.

  8. Vaseline! When I’m having blister problems I liberally slather my feet in vaseline before a run and that keeps old blisters from getting worse and prevents new ones.
    .-= Daria (Summer of the CSAs)´s last blog ..Super Mega Veggie Power! =-.

  9. Georgiana says:

    Okay, I have “the problem,” too, and figured out how to manage mine. I only get the gnarly blisters after the 13+ mile runs. Here’s what I do for a quick recovery after the “oh, ew” post-run.

    Sterilize a needle with alcohol

    Pop the blister and drain it

    Neosporin the hell out of it

    Buy the economy size of sports tape and sterile gauze pads

    Cut the gauze to size, cushion, tape over, and wrap

    Repeat and change the dressings like three times a day

    If it is a super gnarly gnarly blister, after popping and draining it, soak your feet in an Epsom salt bath to super super drain it for like 20 minutes before bandaging it.

    I do my long runs on Saturday morning and am usually completed healed in blister-zone by Sunday evening. Also, have you checked out the Drymax blister socks.

  10. You should brush up on Barney songs so long…
    .-= Hanlie´s last blog ..The Salad is the Main Dish =-.

  11. Definitely a gross blister. Sadly I have no tips to share on ridding you of the bugger.
    Those black bean burgers do look immense though!
    .-= Angharad´s last blog ..Little Indulgences =-.

  12. Scaly-Ray says:

    Matt, I was definitely not prepared for today’s entry.

    1. that blister is kind of gross. i hope it heals up soon. (Get it??? HEELS?)

    2. i’m glad you got linus to vomit… that could have been a real problem. my neighbors at home had to do that with their dog when he ate an entire pan of peanut butter brownies. it was pretty bad. gross.

    3. the black bean burger is probably really good, but following two nasty stories, i think i’m going to pass. gross.


  13. A thin layer of super glue should do the trick!

    Blog is looking great – tons of cool info!

  14. These burgers were great, much better and easier to prepare than the other one. I wasn’t going to make them until I realized I already had all the ingredients and took minutes to prepare. The Jack Daniels BBQ sauce really gave them some flavor too.

    • Hey Pete, I hadn’t heard from you in a while and thought maybe you had given up on this crazy no-meat (or less meat) idea. I’m glad you liked them. But I must say, if you didn’t do them buffalo style you’re making a serious mistake.

      • I am still alive and well. As you will find out soon, a child you take up every bit of extra time you have. So I’ve been cooking most of the older recipes I had already done. I did put a little buffalo sauce on my burger which was a nice added touch.

  15. First off- don’t don’t have to look up the Miley songs…you know them all by heart 🙂 Second- that is a massive blister/ tender skin patch!!!

    My dog has consumed some scary things- pieces of wood, my husbands ab roller (yes he ate it), giant rubber toys…some how he has passed it all with no problem. Incredible!

    Love mama weeds and this din din looks so good!

    I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiring runner! I ran 9 miles for the first time tonight- felt incredible!
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Sesame Crusted Tuna, Healthy Eating Rules & Body Pump =-.

  16. Well, I suppose you could say that you have the signs of a true runner. But still…that blister must be a literal *pain* to deal with!

    I’m lovin’ the black bean recipe! I never realized how truly simple it is. And I remember reading somewhere that refrigerating the veggie mixture for a couple hours or overnight helps it to firm up and hold together better. Not sure if that would help or not? I need to try this recipe out!!
    .-= Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)´s last blog ..Rolling with the changes… =-.

  17. Oh shoot, wasn’t prepared for that one! Hope that heals well before the race. And poor Linus.
    I’m also sending a late vote for “Runs on Plants”.
    .-= Mia {runs and rests}´s last blog ..Running on Raisins and Rolls =-.

  18. I actually don’t like moleskin… maybe it’s b/c i never tried the electrical tape. I stick to bandaid blister blocks! they help heal and prevent 🙂
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Summer Eats =-.

  19. Hey! I want to order a t 😉 Is the Technical Shirt real tight? I’m debating between a small and a medium for myself. Let me know
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Chobani: New Flavors Review =-.

    • Hey Erica, the shirts are kind of form-fitting, and the women’s smalls seem tiny to me! If you’re debating, I’d say go with the medium. If it’s too big, I can always send you the small instead.

      I’m so excited that you want one!

  20. I got mad crazy blisters when training for my first marathon, I used to walk around campus with tissues and duct tape on my feet since normal bandaids wouldn’t stay on. People thought I was crazy. 🙂

    I second the recommendations above…slather some gooey stuff on there and cover it up.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..TiaRT: Pre-Long Run Fuel =-.

  21. yay…love that alison. what a delish looking recipe! the blister…not so delish. i say keep it moist as well, moleskin has worked well for me. other than that? i have been kind of fortunate with blisters.

    love the new tag line! i can’t believe i missed that poll. i think that might have been my choice too. hopefully you have a relaxing weekend after all those visitors!
    .-= Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian)´s last blog ..Mondo This and That =-.

  22. I use a thin coating of Vasoline on my feet and this prevents blisters and athlete’s feet! You need only to apply it where you always get blisters.

  23. Tried these burgers today, though I got pretty frustrated looking for the actual recipe- your links took me to a few sites. I combined them and baked rathe than fried them- would love to share pics. Got em crispy on outside moist inside. Used flax meal, water, ketchup (hey my kids have to like them) carrots celery and portabella mushrooms- all in food processor with one can rinsed beans. It helped to refrigerate awhile before making patties then broiled on top rack. Thanks for the inspiration. Going to order Thrive tonight- as a mostly vegan- half raw athlete I need some serious energy tips, sounds like he’s the guy!

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