Wishing You and Yours a Precious Black Friday

Happy Black Friday!  If you’re reading this post, you’re part of a rather intimate audience today, so thanks for showing up.  Perhaps you were part of the 4 AM doorbuster crowd and your day of shopping is over?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and along with the great food and time with family, took some time to actually be thankful.  The sole fact that you’re on the internet reading this (or any other) site right now means you have a TREMENDOUS level of abundance relative to most of the world, as easy as that might be to forget.

So if you didn’t do it yesterday, stop reading for a second and really take a minute or five to recognize just how fortunate you are.

Done? Great.  Now let’s get back to rampant consumerism and talk about shiny new websites and Black Friday sales!

The New Look of NMA

If you read by actually visiting the site, then you’ve no doubt noticed the new design.  If you normally read via email or RSS, come visit the actual site to check it out.

The design was done by Charlie of Charfish Design, who was amazing to work with and very reasonably priced, for all you other bloggers who are about ready for an upgrade.  And I’ve got to thank my friend Karol Gajda for telling me about Charlie, among about a million other pieces of good internet business advice in his free Freedom Fighters ecourse.

I’m still making a few tweaks to the design, but the goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find things and enjoy the site.  If you have any comments or suggestions about that, I’d love to hear them.

Black Friday Specials

Two awesome deals on health products for Black Friday only:

Save 20% off everything on Black Friday! Shop Now!1) All Vega products are 20% off today! Go here and use the code CJ-BLACKFRIDAY2010 to get the 20% discount.  The Vega products that I use and can highly recommend are Vega Sport Performance Optimizer (amazing natural sports drink), Vega Sport Performance Protein (high-quality vegan protein powder), Whole Food Optimizer (meal replacement shake), and Shake ‘n Go (convenient smoothies that blend without a blender).  I’m a Vega affiliate, so I earn commissions when you get their stuff.

2) My friend Robert Cheeke’s book on vegan bodybuilding is half-price today! Robert is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met, and for me his book was worth as much for the inspiration as it was for the vegan fitness advice.  You can get the deal at his website, Vegan Bodybuilding.  No affiliate arrangement here, just a good book by an awesome guy.  Check out my interview with him while you’re at it.

What I’ve Been Up To

I haven’t written much recently about what I’ve been doing.  Since we’re a small group today, now seems like a good time to do that, since in theory, the readers who read on slow traffic days are the ones who care the most!

I haven’t run much since the Marine Corps Marathon, when I ran a little more than I probably should have on a weak knee.  But it’s getting better, and I’m hoping to be back to full strength in another week or two.

I signed up for a 20K trail race on January 2nd, where I ran my first ultramarathon last year, and I’m hoping that Erin and my friend Pete will be running part of that race as well.  After that I’ve got the HAT 50K in March, where I hope to break five hours this year.  That’d be like 40 minutes faster than last year, but I’m kind of looking for a reason to train really hard again.  And finally, the Boston Marathon in April, which I CANNOT wait to run, since I had to miss it last year when my son was born.  (Not that he’s such a bad consolation prize.)

And Another Month as a Vegan!

As for diet, Erin and I have been doing really well.  Since the Tony Robbins seminar, we’ve been doing his 30-Day Challenge, a longer version of the 10-Day Challenge that inspired me to go vegetarian for good, and to start this website.  What that means is that we’re essentially vegan for another month, which is going really well this time.  My diet is finally to a point where I knew I could get it, and I’m excited about that.  I’ll write plenty more about the 30-Day Challenge in an entire post once we’re finished.

Alrighty, that’s it.  Time to go spend some quality Black Friday time with loved ones, on this most special of American holidays. 🙂



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  1. Hi! Love the new look! My only suggestion is that the print be a bit bigger. Otherwise, lookin’ good!

  2. Absolutely love the new design! Off to watch my alma mater play in the Backyard Brawl. Nope, I am not in Pittsburgh today like my daughter but it is being televised.

  3. Looks great Matt!

  4. Looking good, Matt! I’m glad to hear your Vegan month has been going well. Did you have a very veggie Thanksgiving yesterday?

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Matt!
    Curious to hear if you tried out one of the field roasts, tofurkeys, etc. yesterday.
    We had the Gardein “stuffed turk’y” and it was good but the stuffing wasn’t all that. I’ll post up a full review once I get some chores done.

    Take care!



  6. Love the new look!

  7. Darn, I was going to order some Vega but they don’t ship to P.O. Boxes! D’oh!

  8. Love the new site! Looks fantastic! (Not that I thought it looked bad before! Ha!) Can’t wait to hear about your 30-day challenge! I haven’t been trying to eat more of a vegan diet, and my carnivore hubs has actually been extremely accommodating! Good luck and happy thanksgiving!

  9. Have a great holiday season Matt! Love the new design. Very clear.

  10. I love the new look, especially the font of your blog titles! I hope you, your wife, and NMA baby had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  11. Great new site layout. Huge improvement. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. How was Thanksgiving dinner? What did you end up eating- did you have to eat around the turkey?

  13. I love the new look of the site, very earthy!

  14. I like the new look (but didn’t mind the old one either!). I always read your website last on my feed burner b/c it’s my favorite. Thanks for all the great info!

  15. Love the new design matt! And i think i’m going to run a 50K the day before boston, so i’ll be there to cheer you on the last mile!!!

  16. The new design looks great! Thanks for the heads up about Robert Cheeke’s book – I just placed my order!

    Hope you are enjoying some great family time today!

  17. Laura M...ski says:

    hoping you and the family had a nice Thanksgiving, Matt!

    the new design is pretty nice. stick with this one…for awhile, at least. 😉

  18. Hey Matt…and Matt’s readers!

    Just wanted to say a personal thanks to you all for the kind mentions about Matt’s new design. Really glad you like it.

    I had a blast working with Matt. He’s a cooooool cat for sure. 🙂

    My best to you all. See you ’round the webs.


  19. I love the new design looks awesome! I just did an 30 day challenge myself, but it was the version by Tim Ferriss to try the Paleo diet. What are you thoughts about the Paleo diet? I personally loved it and felt really great on it. I would love to hear your thoughts about it though.

  20. I do love the new site!! It looks so professional! Happy Black Friday!

  21. Love the new layout!

    Glad to hear you’re still lining up races; there hasn’t been much about your running on here lately!

  22. The web site looks great. I especially love that the recipes are now listed under their titles. Much easier to find what I’m looking for.

    I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

  23. Love the site, although in the new iteration here using Firefox 3.6.12, the font size is still small (8?) as of 11/27/10 8pm EST.

  24. great site, but the font is so teeny tiny it’s not enjoyable to read. 😉 my eyeballs hurt!

  25. I like the new layout, however, the writing is very small and difficult to read…also, I can’t access the comments unless I want to leave one myself (than have to scroll up to read everyone’s comments). Maybe it’s my computer?

  26. I’m so psyched that it seems like you’re doing another vegan month! Wahoo!

    I did want to say that the font does seem to be off on my screen as a commenter mentioned above. I know from your tweets you’ve been dealing with this and are aware of it. I’m using Safari on Mac if that info helps at all 🙂 I love the new look! I usually read on a reader or in my email so I’m excited to see the new look “in person.” Love the new organization and everything.

  27. The new layout looks awesome. So clean and inviting and professional!!

  28. You know, this was my first ever Black Friday experience? Now that I’m married I guess I will have to get used to many more. Also, nice job on the site re-design. I eventually hope to re-design mine soon too.

  29. The new look is absolutely great Matt! I’m a big fan! I might even make visiting your site the default instead of lurking in GReader 😉

  30. Your new site looks great Matt! I love it! Especially the tread marks! So do you think you’ll stick with veganism? 🙂

    • Lyndsay, I’m really thinking I might stick with it after this. I won’t be ready to commit and say I’m never eating cheese or I’m going to research every wine I ever try to make sure it’s vegan, but as far as day-to-day diet, I think so. Some people probably wouldn’t call that vegan, but I don’t really care about what it’s called.

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