A Sub-20 5K!

[Erin, Matt, and Pete photo]

I did it!  I finished the Bel Air Town Run today in 19:16, well under my goal time of 19:59.  49th place overall, just like last weekend (weird huh?).  This is a 6:13 per-mile pace.  A few months ago, before I got injured and before I stopped eating meat, I ran three miles at 6:30 pace as part of a track workout, and I was totally gassed by the end.  Since then, my training has largely been rehab and rest, so there’s no explanation for such an improvement in fitness other than my diet.  Funny, I was convinced, through years of being told “athletes need protein,” that a vegetarian diet would be a hindrance in my quest to qualify for Boston this year.  By all measures so far, it has been the opposite.

Erin also had a great run today, finishing in 28:29.  She’s been biking a ton recently, so much that she has only run a handful of times in the past few months.  So she was pleasantly surprised by her time today as well.  Erin really liked the course; she’s such an outdoors type of girl that she always pays attention to that stuff.  I like to call myself an indoorsman; the only thing I noticed about the course today was the few feet of road that were always in front of me.  Pete also ran the race today, just a few weeks after committing to run it as part of his 30-Day Challenge, finishing in 24:30.  NMA’s representing today!

I’m really beginning to think that this Boston Marathon thing, a goal that for the past seven years has been my reason for running, might happen this year.  In fact, I’m even starting to daydream about faster times than the requisite 3:10:59.  That’s a problem I have– I really love setting big, inspiring, almost impossible goals.  Once they start to seem even a little bit achievable, I start getting bigger ideas in my head.  In this way, I am never able to achieve goals; by the time I achieve them I’ve already moved on to tougher ones!  So I’m doing all that I can to keep 3:10 as the number in my head for the Wineglass Marathon.  Plus, training for anything faster would really increase the chance of an injury.  And I’ve had quite enough of that this year, thank you very much.

Amazing Grass

After the race today, Erin and I had a smoothie with Amazing Grass Green Super Food in it.  It was SO much better than previous greens powders I’ve tried.  It really didn’t taste like anything other than our normal smoothie.  We’ve also tried the Chocolate Green Superfood mixed with almond and soy milk, and that’s been good too.  Not quite as chocolately-delicious as normal chocolate milk, but far better than say, chocolate protein powder.  Check out Erin shake-shake-a-shakin’ it in the rad cup they sent us!

[Erin shakin' Amazing Grass photo]

I’m going to try hard to get the first draft of my new Cooking with Veggies page up tonight.  No pictures or multimedia yet, but still some great tips for you kitchen newbies.  I’m also getting excited for the season premiere of The Next Food Network Star tonight, though for me it’s no Top Chef.  Thankfully, I don’t like watching much TV, and I can only imagine that blogging about TV isn’t much fun, so you don’t have to worry about much TV-talk here.  If there’s anything pertinent to this blog, I’ll mention it; otherwise, I’ll keep the can-you-believe-what-Bobby-Flay-said’s to myself.



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  1. Congratulations all around on your great races!!! 😀

    Katherine’s last blog post..TGIF

  2. Congrats on your amazing race and amazing time! This post was a great reminder of why I enjoy blogs so much. I always find it so inspiring to read about the goals other people set for themselves and how they are working to achieve them. It just gets me so pumped to work toward my own goals! Thanks for the great post.

    Alison’s last blog post..But How?

  3. Awesome race. It sounds like you can start planning where to stay in Boston in April.

    • Of course you’re kidding a little bit, but it is starting to feel that way. Of course, injury could always come along and screw up the whole thing, so I need to really focus on avoiding it.

  4. Congrats on your awesome 5k. I am hoping to qualify for Boston in October at the Twin Cities Marathon and also gave up meat, for many reasons, but one, was to become healthier and get faster. All I can think about is my BQ, so I know how you feel!

  5. Colleen says:

    Way to go! I am super proud of you guys!! I am very confident that you will achieve your goal to qualify for Boston and you have a huge support network that’s pulling for you! I hope to be able to join you guys in Corning…even if I am a solo fan club, I will cheer my face off for you and Erin!!

  6. Wow, well done! That’s an awesome time!

    I did my best time over 1 mile today – more than a minute faster than my previous time…

    Hanlie’s last blog post..Still going strong!

  7. Wow! Congrats everyone! Incredible! 🙂

    Veggie Runnr’s last blog post..Mile splits and hills

  8. Sub Twenty is pretty quick, nice job.

  9. Great job! Cool shirts.

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