The Beginning Triathlete’s Guide to Getting Started

Chances are, you’ve seen a spandex-clad athlete dripping with lake water as they ride their bike. You probably thought he or she was a little bit crazy, but come on… Weren’t you just a little bit intrigued, too?

The sport of triathlon is growing quickly, and many runners have found the triple-sport lifestyle benefits their strength and endurance in remarkable ways. So why aren’t you a triathlete yet?

Go on, admit it: It just seems like so much work to get started! A beginning triathlete has got to buy a bike, learn how to transition, and — oh yeah, that little thing called “learn to swim.” Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This six-part series, written by No Meat Athlete’s resident triathlete, Susan Lacke, provides you with all you need to know to go from runner to triathlete. So read on, tri-beginners…and soon you, too, will be a crazy spandex-wearing lake-dweller on a bike.