The 30-Day Challenge Starts Today!

Ok everyone, today’s the day!  Hope you’ve enjoyed the last few days of “the old you,” because it’s time for a change.  If you haven’t already started, now’s the time to begin your 30-Day Challenge.

[Thrive book photo]I’ve decided that the next step for me is to start incorporating the principles of Thrive into my diet to improve my running and take my energy to the next level.  In order to make it specific, I’ve decided that on three nights each week, I’ll make my dinner entirely vegan and mostly raw, from one of the recipes in the book.  Of course, this means the next day’s lunch (usually leftovers) will be the same thing, but in order to have something I can specifically do every day of the week, I’m going to do foam rolling and stretching on the remaining four days of each week.  Foam rolling is the best way I know to avoid injury during marathon training, and I feel fantastic when I’m in a routine of doing it, yet for some reason it’s so hard to get myself to take the time do it without a commitment.  And commitment, my friends, is what the 30-Day Challenge is all about.

Without further ado, I give you the list of those who have taken initiative to change some part of their lives they aren’t satisfied with, for 30 days.  You can always go back after that.  I know that for some of you, it takes courage to make a commitment like this, so congratulations on taking that biggest first step.  I think you’ll find that committing is often the hardest part; once the change is made in your mind, the rest is easy!

  • Alex (Happy Go Lucky) is going to walk to work at least three times per week, walk home at least three times per week, and run at least four days a week.
  • Amber (Almost Vegan) will not open a jar of peanut butter for the next 30 days.
  • Amy (Amy’s Training Blog) is going to do core work and/or weights three times per week, and daily foam rolling and stretching.  (Yeah foam rolling!)
  • Austin is going to run a mile each day.
  • Britt is eating only whole grains instead of white flour and is going to run a two hour half marathon on Labor Day weekend!
  • Carol, a salt lover, is not going to add any salt to her food, and exercise for one hour each day!
  • Catherine is giving up white flour and putting her running shoes on at least five days a week.
  • Chrissy is going to minimize her consumption of pasta and cheese, run more regularly, and do pilates.
  • Christine (Bellylaugh Bakery) is not going to consume caffeine, dairy or peanut butter and is going to drink 64 oz of water per day and do cardio for 30 minutes four times a week and stretch for 30 minutes three times per week.
  • Clare is giving up all dairy products.
  • Colleen is going to walk at least 10 miles per week.
  • Dawn is going to do some type of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Erin is going to eat three vegan, high-raw dinners per week.
  • Hanlie (Fertile Healthy) is going without bread, coffee, sugar, or alcohol!
  • Henry is going to run a mile each day.
  • Hethir is going to eat vegetarian and high-raw and run four days a week to prepare for her first 5k!
  • Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian) is eliminating diet soda from her diet!
  • I am going to eat three vegan, high-raw dinners from Thrive per week, and do foam rolling and stretching the other four days each week (and mix in a little Bikram yoga).
  • Joe is going to eat no meat.
  • Kelley is giving up meat and sugar!
  • Laurie is giving up caffeine and is going to run/walk 30 miles in 30 days!
  • Lindsay (Chasing the Kenyans) is going to watch her calorie intake.
  • Megan (Meg Aug) is going to run three days per week to get ready for a 5k, avoid sweets, and stop eating Double Chocolate Zone bars!
  • Melissa (Veggie Runnr) is going to make her lunches and dinners entirely out of food from the farmers market.
  • Sagan (Living Healthy in the Real World) is going to focus on intuitive eating and eat fewer grains.
  • Vickie is going to start each day off right with a healthy breakfast, eat less than 1200 calories per day, and drink less than three alcoholic beverages per week.

Way to go everyone!  If I missed you, messed something up or misinterpreted your challenge, or if you have a link you want me to put next to your name, let me know and I’ll get on it.  And if you still want to sign up, leave your commitment as a comment and I’ll add you to the list!

Lastly, I encourage you to show this page to as many people in your life whose opinion you value and who will hold you to your commitment.  If that means sharing a link to this page on and showing all your friends on Facebook, then great, and good for me too.  If it just means showing one special person at home, then do that instead.  What it does is create leverage, so that it becomes much more painful to give up on your challenge than to just stick it out, because you look stupid in front of your friends!  Having this kind of faith in yourself might be uncomfortable and unnatural for some of you, but I know of no better way to make changes last.  And for a little more leverage, I’ll do something different this time.  If, when I check in on everyone and ask how you’re doing, it seems like someone’s flaking out, then maybe I’ll just have to call you on it, on the front page of the blog! 🙂

Congratulations again everyone; I have tremendous respect for anyone who is willing to take even this first step.  You’ve already earned points with me.  Good luck on your first day–it’s often the hardest one, but they’ll get easier.  And if you’ve already started, let us know how it’s going!



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  1. Ooooh oooh oh! I want to play!
    I am a lurker-reader, but you all (everyone who listed their challenges) are inspiration! Here are my two:
    -walk to work at least 3 times a week and walk home at least three times a week
    -run at least 4 days/week

  2. POWER TO THE PEOPLE ON THE LIST!!! What healthy, ambitious goals! Thanks, Matt! And by the way, those raw meals sound real interesting… on the edge for me that many times a week but I an intrigued!

  3. Carol Bardon says:

    Hi Matt and Erin! I would like to get in on the 30 day challenge but don’t know how to get into the website etc. So…here is what I will commit to: one hour of some form of exercise per day and no added salt to any foods….that will be big for me since I am a salt lover….congrats on the whole “no meat athlete” program! Carol

    • Thanks Carol! You ARE into the website, this is it! That’s how you sign up, with a comment. I like your idea for a salt challenge. I’m a salt lover too, I add it to almost everything, so that’s one for me to think about in the future.

  4. you sure recruited a few people into the challenge! 🙂 day 1 was a success for me, numbers wise. i also need to work on quality of the calories but i know i can only handle so much at a time, baby steps!
    .-= lindsay´s last blog ..a taste for suffering =-.

    • Yeah I was completely surprised by the number of people that signed up this time! But it’s great; I think knowing more people are doing it makes it more motivating for everyone. I hope so anyway. Nice job on day 1!

  5. Bravo! to everyone on the list,it’s so exciting to see so many people making healthy changes!!
    .-= meatlessmama´s last blog ..Needless Breast Cancer Treatment =-.

  6. My 30 day challenge is to do some type of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day.

  7. Good luck to everybody who’s joined the 30-Day Challenge! We can do this! Those are some great strategies…
    .-= Hanlie´s last blog ..Bean & Vegetable Stew =-.

  8. Best of luck to everyone! It’s fantastic to see some of you making more raw/vegan choices – YaY!!!
    .-= iRaw´s last blog ..Giambotta =-.

    • I’m really excited about the raw and vegan thing. Tonight’s my first such dinner; I’m really excited. Not like I’ll feel the benefits after one meal, but I’m so excited to get started!

  9. Dawn, Carol, Jamie – I added you guys to the list. Thanks for signing up and congratulations. Keep us posted!

  10. Hmm…maybe I should officially participate after all…even if it is a few days late. My promise to myself is not to open another jar of peanut butter for 30 days. This will be tough!
    .-= Amber Shea´s last blog ..Blueberry cornbread muffins =-.

  11. What a wonderful, wonderful idea. I’m battling a flare-up of an old hip injury. I know foam-rolling, stretching and core work/weights helps, but I’m so reluctant to do any of the above. I know I’m late to the party here, but my 30-day challenge to myself: core work/weights three times per week, stretching/foam rolling daily. For 30 days. Aaaand … go!
    .-= Amy Reinink´s last blog ..Motivation flags on a Friday =-.

  12. call me out
    ugh i started this whole thing a week early july 5th
    and made it till this past saturday with no meat and sugar- but on saturday i was tired and i ate a 7 layer bar- I swear it jumped in my mouth
    so sunday I was good and then monday a friend wnated to go get ice cream and not wanting to be a party pooper i ate ice cream…and then last night figuring i blew it i had two tiny heath snack bars !!!

    so I need to recommitt,,
    the no meat thing is no problem I am digging it-eating more fruits veggies tasty salads but the sugar thing ,,so here I go:
    I am recommitting to no diet pop and no processed sugar-ie candy/bars/ice cream/cookies/ hidden crap in granola etc….

    But I am putting a stevia in my am coffee
    and I-excited to look at my love of that white processed sugar,

    Today I went sugar free and I have no had meat so I am back on track–I am not obsessive about it but I do want to look at how much processed sugar I eat. So today was day one again with no sugar…

    • Kelly, I wouldn’t be too upset. You took on a lot, I’m just glad that it wasn’t the meat that you messed up on. 🙂 If you need to recommit, then good. But you could always just stay strong with the meat thing and just take it easy on the sugar. But I know how you feel, I’m the same way.

  13. I was looking for the follow-up to this post, how did it pan out, did 30 days of THRIVE change your life?

    I’m a definite meat eater, but I’m very interested in adding a few more nutritious options to my diet. I’ve been contimplating getting Thrive, but honestly I’m afraid of the recipies. I LOVE VEGA products (the tastes don’t bother me in the least) I guess it’s more the textures of most vegies I don’t like. I’ve followed “The Perfect Smoothie Formula” & have actually added spinach to each shake & have loved it (quite exciting to be consuming spinach)

    also made bars with “The Ultimate Energy Bar Formula”, but it didn’t work out… for the “1 cup dry base ingredient” I added 1 scoop of VEGA protean & topped off the one cup with Whole-wheat flour. The VEGA ruined the whole thing though… it’s quite unbearable… (& this is coming from someone who actually likes the VEGA vibrancy bars) it was bad…

    Anyways, I’m not against veggies, blend them into something else & I’m happy to have them, but I’m not a fan of whole veggies (I don’t eat the veggies if I order chow mien. So I wonder if thrive will work for me? I do eat my veggies if I go to expensive restaurants though, but I question how they’re prepared, maybe soaked in butter or something, definitely well cooked

  14. I literally just stumbled upon your site yesterday, and I’m already learning so much! I am looking to alkalize my body and reduce/eliminate meat for my health. I’m trying to think of something I can successfully do/cut out every day. For now, I think I will say I will cook at least one meal at home per week.
    Thanks again for the life-changing information, and I can’t wait to find out more 🙂

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