Predawn Running: How to Get Your Run Finished Before the World Wakes Up

Note: This is a guest post by Greg Strosaker from Predawn Runner.

If you’ve got the flexibility to run any time of day you want, with no other commitments to worry about, you can safely stop reading.

Still here? I thought so.

As much as we’d all love to be able to run whenever we felt like it, life often has other plans.

But wouldn’t it be nice to find a time when you could run without the risk of having something else disrupt you?

I’m happy to report that such a time exists – it’s called the predawn.

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No Meat Athletes Storm DC!

Okay, this post is way delayed … but I suppose that’s what moving will do to you. I’m moving to Asheville, NC in 10 days with my wife and son, and this has been Crazy Packing Week. But the POD loaded with all our stuff gets picked up tomorrow, so things should return to normal soon.

In the meantime, I want to share a few photos and a quick recap of last weekend’s events. Saturday was the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon and Half in DC, and the first race we’ve done with an official No Meat Athlete group! We had a blast, and a lot of first-time marathoners and half marathoners crossed the finish line sporting their NMA colors.

Here’s how it all went down.

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7 Great Ways to Pay it Forward (in Your Running Shoes)

Post written by Susan Lacke.

There’s an amazing camaraderie among runners that’s unlike what you’ll find almost anywhere else.

Tell someone you’re a runner, and often you’ll get back an excited, “me, too!” If I see someone wearing compression socks at the grocery store, I’ll talk his ear off about the 10-miler I just finished while I escort him to the coconut water.

Does it make me crazy? If I were an outsider, I’d say yes. But I know it just makes me one thing: a proud runner.

Sometimes, though, we get so hung up on our individual goals (PRs, BQs, LTs, and MHRs) that we forget we were once newbies to the sport, asking other runners for help.

Those runners paid it forward. They knew what it really means to be a runner, and it has nothing to do with PRs. It’s about being a role model in health and fitness and a member of this great, supportive community of runners.

So step outside of yourself for a moment and pay it forward — your fellow runners appreciate it, and you’ll build up good running karma. Here are seven great ways to do it:

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7 Remarkably Simple Ways to Become a Stronger Runner (and Maybe Even Enjoy It)

Welcome, Zen Habits readers! NMA readers, I hope you’ll check out my recent guest post on Zen Habits, called 5 Excuses that Keep You Unhealthy.

Running made easy

Just as with food, I like to keep things simple when it comes to running.

Sure, complicated and specific workouts have their place in serious training, but that’s probably 5 percent of the total effort.

The other 95 percent comes down to basics — simple practices that are easy to understand and apply, but that have a major impact. And not just on how you perform, but on how much you enjoy running.

And that last part is important.

I didn’t start running until I was in college, because up until that point I hated it. Hated the mile in gym class, hated running in practice for sports, hated the five-minute warmup on a treadmill before lifting weights. I know that a lot of others don’t enjoy running, or find it really hard, and I want to help you change that.

So if I had to list just 7 simple keys — what I consider the most essential steps to enjoying running, avoiding injury, and becoming stronger as a runner — what would they be?

Well, these.

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The Most Laid-Back Guide to Going Vegetarian You’ll Ever Read

Last Saturday, I had the honor of speaking at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival.

It went well and I had a great time, but in hindsight, I realize the topic I chose was a tough one.

I spoke about the “no-pressure approach” to vegetarianism that I take with No Meat Athlete. Instead of trying to persuade people that they should go vegetarian (and now, dammit!), I’d much rather just set an example that people can choose to follow or learn from if they’d like. I’ve just never been one for confrontation, and I hope my writing here reflects that.

But after I was done speaking, I thought to myself: Boy, that would have been so much easier if I had just talked about the same stuff I write on the site. 

And so I got to thinking — what’s the gist of my message?

That’s when I got the idea for a series of posts that I should have written long ago. This is the first post in that series, the heart of the message I want to spread about vegetarianism (future installments will be about running and healthy eating, I think).

And as it turns out, it’s pretty much a demo of what I talked about in NYC. So that works out. 🙂

“Should” you go vegetarian?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you to go vegetarian or vegan. Compassion for animals was big part of my reason for doing so, and so I’d love it if nobody ate them.

But I’m not going to tell you what’s best for you. That’s for you to decide.

Is a plant-based diet healthier than an omnivorous one?

Tough one.

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