NMA Radio’s Worst Habits, Revealed!


When you read someone’s blog or listen to their podcast, it’s easy to assume they’ve got it all together.

If it’s a podcast about habits, the guy behind the mic must be able to change anything at the drop of a hat, right? If it’s a running blogger, she must never go through slumps, happily logging her miles every day, coming up with brilliant insights to write about all the while.

The truth is that none of those people are perfect … we just like to pretend that they are.

In today’s episode, NMA Radio co-host Doug and I spill the beans about the areas where we falter. You know, just to make absolutely certain nobody thinks we’re perfect. (Because come on, admit it, you know you did.)

What started out as a list of three areas where we each struggle turned into a lot more — I hope you enjoy it, and that laughing with us at our shortcomings helps you to poke fun at your own.

I mean, unless you are perfect … in which case you should start a podcast. 🙂

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Consistency … or lack-thereof
  • Doug’s favorite ways to waste time online
  • How to be disciplined even when you’re not having fun
  • Do unhealthy foods ever get less tempting?
  • Why improvement never stops

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us mere mortals! I am really bad with wasting time online too, my rule is “don’t sit down at the computer without a plan”, sometimes it works 🙂

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