What Happens When You Can’t Run?

runner woman rest on the leaves in park

It was traumatic. It was uncomfortable, painful, and frightening, and Matt loves to bring it up.

Alright fine, maybe — now that’s it’s over — it’s also a little funny.

Of course I’m talking about the groin story we’ve vaguely teased over the past month. Matt has finally convinced me is worth sharing on this podcast.

But while the story might start with the groin (or actually a 50K ultramarathon) it’s about much more than that. The real story is about mindfulness, letting go of pain and discomfort, and how to handle an injury that leaves you unable to run.

That’s the part of this dreadful, embarrassing story we want to share with you today.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The truth about Doug’s groin
  • What we can learn from a terrible case of poison ivy
  • Can mindfulness help with running?
  • Where to put your pain
  • Untangling your happiness from your goals

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Michael Greger, MD on How Not to Die


I admit I’ve been a bit behind the curve when it comes to the considerable force that is Dr. Michael Greger, author of the new (and gigantic) book, How Not to Die.

As one has always preferred reading text to watching video, it took me a while to discover what an incredible resource his site, NutritionFacts.org, is. There Greger posts daily videos about nutrition, based heavily on the distilled results of scientific journal articles and watchable in four minutes or less.

But when I watched several of his presentations on last year’s Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise — he gives more than 100 talks per year — I became an instant fan. What I didn’t know then was that he donates all of his speaking fees, doesn’t profit from his website, and gives away all his book royalties, too.

Benevolently, I’m sure, but with the pleasant side effect of preserving his scientific integrity, giving his recommendations that much more weight in my eyes.

Oh, and Dr. Greger is also the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States. No big deal.

I was fortunate to get Dr. Greger to slow down (sort of: he recorded this interview from his treadmill desk, on which he walks 17 miles each day) to record a 40-minute interview for NMA Radio, and it’s my pleasure to share it with you today. It’s one of my favorite episodes to date, and when you listen, you’ll get an immediate sense for Michael’s enthusiasm and benefit from his immensely deep understanding of health and nutrition.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Do we not need “diet” books at all?
  • Why nobody needs to give up their favorite foods
  • When we might starting living forever (it’s sooner than you think)
  • How to deal with conflicting nutrition information on the internet
  • Dr. Greger’s interesting definition of whole foods — and when we can improve on nature’s foods
  • Should Twinkies be on the Paleo diet?
  • Coffee: good for bad?
  • Dr. Greger’s thoughts on oil

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How to Make the Most of the Cold Winter Months

Man running in the forest in winter time

You know winter has officially arrived when you contemplate skipping a run altogether because you can’t find your running tights.

That’s what happened to me last week, and I have a feeling I wasn’t the only one impatiently digging through a closet contemplating the cold.

In today’s episode, Matt and I share our survival guide for how to get through the cold winter months. We tackle everything from running in the cold, to indoor exercise options for those that don’t want to brave the elements, to using winter to set the stage for the coming year.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The indoorsman’s guide to running through winter
  • Staying active without leaving your house
  • What does Doug wear in the sauna?
  • Why we should expose ourselves to winter’s elements
  • Indulging in warming comfort foods
  • Using winter to lay your habit foundation

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The Chipotle Method: A Simple Formula for Making Healthy, 5-Minute Vegan Meals

salad bar with vegetables in the restaurant

This post is written by Matt Jager from Don’t Lose the Cow.

Ever feel totally overwhelmed by the busyness of modern life?

If you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to go for weeks at a time with hardly a break, from the time you slap the alarm in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night.

Between the responsibilities of work, kids, running errands, shopping, chopping, cleaning, cooking, and commuting, there just isn’t any time left over.

I’d need at least a 72-hour day to get it all done, have time to cook a healthy meal from scratch, and settle in for the recommended eight hours of sleep each night.

A little dramatic for effect yes, but the truth is that modern life can be downright exhausting. And when life is exhausting, what tends to go out the window first?

That’s right. You. Taking care of yourself. And along with that, taking the time to prepare those healthy foods that you know you should be eating.

But how are we supposed to eat healthy when we are so insanely busy?

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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Mother and child at kitchen

If wading through all the conflicting information out there to decide how to feed yourself is hard, making that choice for your children is even more stressful.

You can pay attention to your body and how you feel when you make personal diet decisions. And if by chance you do make a mistake and your health suffers for it, you can handle that your own choices are to blame.

With your kids, though, there’s an added sense of a responsibility, and for me at least, much less tolerance for risk. Diet self-experiments might be fun for me, but when it comes to what my kids eat, I’m not interested in anything that hasn’t been proven.

In this episode of NMA Radio, I interview Karen Ranzi, raw food advocate and author of Creating Healthy Children, which T. Colin Campbell has endorsed as a “most important book … that is must reading.”

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • How I raise my kids as vegans
  • How to interest your kids in fresh fruits and vegetables
  • What parents can do to feel confident in the choice to feed their kids a vegan diet
  • How to deal with outside criticism about how you feed your family
  • Finding a supportive pediatrician
  • Should kids choose this diet, or should we choose it for them?
  • The philosophy of attachment parenting

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Protein, with Garth Davis, M.D.


Quick announcement: In case you missed it on Black Friday, the 2015 No Meat Athlete Vegan Fitness bundle is officially live! You can save 85% on 22 great plant-based fitness products, many of them from authors you’ve heard as guests on NMA Radio. But this special bundle deal lasts only until Wednesday morning at 10am EST, so don’t miss it! Get all the details here.

By now, you know that protein isn’t the big deal that most people make it out to be.

But one reason the “Where do get your protein?” question exists, in my observation, is that as vegetarians and vegans we don’t have a simple, concise, and satisfactory answer.

We can talk about how we need much less than most people think, and how protein is in almost everything we eat, but unfortunately, this doesn’t often do much to convince anybody.

But now, thanks to surgeon Garth Davis, M.D., we can hand them a book. Garth is the author of Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It, and it was a pleasure to have him as a guest on No Meat Athlete Radio to talk about all things protein.

(Oh yeah: Garth’s quick answer to the protein question? “Food.”)

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The shortest good answer to “Where do you get your protein?”
  • How much protein we really need each day
  • Why too much protein is unhealthy
  • Do athletes need more protein?
  • How the world became unhealthily obsessed with protein
  • Is there any truth to the advice that you should combine proteins within a meal?
  • How to deal with conflicting information on the web

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The Epic Holiday Extravaganza Episode

We’re just two days out from Thanksgiving, which can only mean one thing:

Holiday extravaganza episode! It’s time to break out your cornucopias, Black Friday shopping shoes, Santa hats, and champagne glasses, because we’re tackling the whole holiday season in one (long) episode of NMA Radio.

When Doug and I were planning our podcast schedule for the next few months, several holiday-themed topics popped up on the list. Instead of stringing it out over several weeks, we thought it’d be more fun to cover everything holidays, all in one epic episode.

The episode kicks off with more serious topics like how to handle big non-vegan holiday meals with family and friends, and staying on track with your healthy habits when all those cookies are around.

From there things take a less-serious turn, with our favorite recipe and adult beverage recommendations, a gift guide, and a list of our favorite holiday themed music and movies (ABC Family for the win!).

This is the closest thing the No Meat Athlete team gets to a holiday party, so we’ve made it a good one…

Here’s just some of what we talk about in this episode:

  • Are holidays an excuse to drop all healthy habits?
  • Owning a single habit throughout the holiday season
  • When things get awkward, embrace the joke
  • Why holidays with non-vegan family members get easier over time
  • Matt and Doug’s essential holiday recipes
  • Our go-to beers, wines, and cocktails around Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • The 2015 No Meat Athlete Gift Guide
  • Why it’s not a Christmas in Matt’s house without A.C Slater and Taylor Swift

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The 5 A.M. Miracle: Jeff Sander’s New Book on Dominating Your Day Before Breakfast


I write a lot about accountability, and it’s not just talk.

Every Monday morning, I meet my accountability partner, Jeff Sanders, for a quick Skype call about our goals for the week, and to check-in on what we accomplished in the previous one.

(Alright, technically my summer travel schedule and the great moldy flood of 2015 kind of threw us off that schedule, but we’ve committed to get back on track in 2016.)

Jeff hosts the 5AM Miracle, a high-energy podcast about productivity and Jeff’s philosophy of dominating your day before breakfast. And now, his first published book, also called the 5AM Miracle, is set to hit the shelves on December 1st.

Productivity may seem an odd topic for a plant-based fitness podcast, but Jeff happens to be vegan marathoner and ultrarunner, too. And although we don’t talk specifically about those topics this time (listen to Jeff’s previous NMA Radio appearance for more of that), what I love about Jeff’s approach to productivity is that it all begins with energy … which, of course, is rooted in diet, exercise, and sleep.

If you’re looking to get a head start on your New Year’s goals or go into the holidays with some momentum, this is the episode to listen to.

Here’s just some of what we talk about in this episode:

  • Why getting up early is the best way to find more time for what you love
  • How to ease the transition to an earlier wakeup
  • But what if I have kids?
  • Are quarterly goals better than annual goals?
  • Standing desks, inversion boots, and more
  • Jeff’s new book, The 5 A.M. Miracle

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