Speaking at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival this Saturday!

Just a quick post today to remind you, if you live near the New York City area, to come to the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival this weekend (March 3 and 4)!

I’ll be speaking on Saturday, along with many others, including Brendan Brazier, Gena Hamshaw, and Terry Hope Romero.

Events like this are a lot of fun, whether you’re full-on vegan, vegetarian, or just curious. There’s always a lot of food to sample (often healthy, but sometimes deliciously junky), books and organizations you never knew existed, and interesting people to meet, talk to, and learn from. I always leave these things with a renewed enthusiasm for this diet and lifestyle, and my guess is that you will too.

What I’m talking about

I actually won’t be speaking too much about running or nutrition.  You can find plenty of that info here, and let’s be honest — I speak two hours after Brendan Brazier, so what more will there really be to say?

Instead, I’m going to talk more about the friendly, always pressure-free and preaching-free approach to vegetarianism and veganism that my blog is based on.

I don’t doubt that the opposite — the in-your-face, shocking approach to spreading the message — works too. But I know that for me, it has always been a total turnoff, so I want to present an alternative, which I’ve found to be both effective and non-creepy-feeling.

I’ll also talk about the opportunity that exists for you to get your particular version of this message heard and embraced — and how, as Seth Godin puts it, “gatekeepers” no longer have the power to decide who has a voice and who doesn’t. Anyone can start sharing their ideas, on a large scale, and nobody needs to pick you: you pick yourself.

Three years ago, I was a brand new vegetarian who knew nothing about blogging or vegetarianism, but I started a blog to share my experiment with others. It’s grown a lot since then …  not to crazy, Perez Hilton levels, but big enough that it helps a lot of people, shares a message that benefits animals and the environment, and fulfills me like no other job I’ve ever had.

You can do the same, with your own message, in your own way. I’ll share a little bit about what I think are the best ways to do it and to attract a community of like-minded people around what you have to say.

I hope you’ll come to the festival and to my talk. I’d love to meet you and hang out for a bit and grab some free junk food. And maybe some healthy stuff, too. 🙂 See you then?

You can check out the complete list of speakers, vendors, and sponsors at the NYCVFF’s website.


Several people have asked me if we’ll be selling No Meat Athlete shirts at the event, and the answer is (unfortunately) no. Mainly because everything is out of stock right now! But we’ll have more shirts coming in two weeks or so (including the debut of a brand new design!). If you’d like to be notified as soon as they’re in, you can sign up here.



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  1. Sounds awesome, wonder if there’s ever anything like this in Philly!

  2. Milemom says:

    what a great event poster…God bless those talented graphic artists 🙂
    NYC is nowhere near my neck of the woods, but I’d be there if I could.

  3. Matt PLEASE tell me that you will have someone there to tape your talk then upload it somewhere. I’d pay to hear your perspective on non-creepy advocacy, but I live pretty far from the big apple. So….where can I check it out? youtube, on here, for download?

    And thank you for talking about this. I often find myself torn between wanting to shout veganism from the rooftops with graphic photos and videos to show the ‘real’ thing and then there’s the more approachable non-threatening version. It’s tough not to be preachy about a lifestyle that is so fantastic. But I agree, what’s the point of forcing it on someone when that will only build resistance? I love your blog for this reason: you let your enthusiasm and honesty speak for itself, instead of showing any rage or frustration.

    Keep up the upbeat and inspiring work!

  4. I wish I had been there, but couldn’t travel. I just started my own blog (mostly to share the story of my life transformation with friends and for anyone interested or at least for my 1 year old to read what his dad had in his mind many years from now). Is there a video of your talk? By the way Matt, thanks for all the inspiration during these last 2 years … I’ve been a silent follower but you have made a difference.

  5. Yeah Matt – no fair teasing those of us that couldn’t be in NYC! Please post a written or recorded version of your speech (very cool – congratulations on being so famous!)

  6. I would also like to mention Rich Roll. He’s an amazing ultra endurance athlete, and vegan.

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