Get Inspired

I’m a sucker for inspiring stuff.  The ability to get motivated, set goals, and take action is one of the most powerful skills you can have, and I believe it should be nurtured every day.

While I generally leave the actual inspiring to others — I make no secret of my Tony Robbins nerd-dom — every once in a while I write something that seems to strike a chord with people.

These are the easiest posts to write and the hardest to publish, since they’re of the “easily-made-fun-of” variety.  But a lot of people have gotten a lot out of them, so here they all are.

Enjoy, and let yourself get inspired.  Sure, it feels cheesy, but it’s worth it.

The Belief that Will Take Your Training to the Next Level

Overcome Your Fear By Making Friends With Failure

The One Thing You Must Do to Find the Time to Train

Today, I Hate Running

What We Mortals Can Learn from the 4-Minute Mile

What Saving Money Can Teach Us About Running

I’ve also included recaps of milestone races I’ve run, because I know how inspiring it can be to read about someone like yourself doing something you might consider impossible.  If you’ve never run a marathon, qualified for Boston, run a 50K, or run 50 miles, then perhaps you’ll get something out of reading about a normal guy’s experience.

Running 50 Miles: Not just For Superhereos

Boston-Qualifying Marathon: Down to the Last Four Miles

HAT 50K Video (If you’ve never run a trail race, watch this one.)

Embracing the Suck: My First Ultra

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