15 Fabulous No Meat Athlete Shirt Photos

Well, spring race season is in full swing, and that means bombard-the-NMA-Facebook-page-with-your-shirt-photos season is too!

It’s been a while since I put up a collection of my favorites, so … here goes! The best ones we’ve gotten since the beginning of the year (as judged by me, based mainly on factors like coolness, absurdity, and general running-carrotness).


NMA All-Stars

Gregg and Kellie, proud finishers of their first ultramarathon, the 50K Trail Mix Ultra in Minnesota. Yep, that’s snow.

gregg and kelly

Michael outfitted the Stop & Shop produce department, which could not possibly have been in the manual:


Oh, you know, just a typical first marathon — through Death Valley, home to the hottest temperature ever recorded on planet Earth! Way to pick an easy one for your first, Jeanette. icon smile


Susan and Heather, who collectively racked up over 110 miles during their 12-hour race!

susan and heather

A group of animal-rights loving zombies let Melissa pass by, and even gave her some high-fives (really!) during her Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K, but as happens all too often, the zombies got her in the end:

melissa after 691x1024

Tom, sporting NMA green (and a wig, I hope) on St. Patrick’s Day:


Paul, also on St. Paddy’s day, while perhaps not as festive as Tom, let his running do the talking with a sub-40 minute 10K!

paul 1024x714

Lily took 1st place in her age group in her very first 5K! Undefeated at the 5K distance!


Don’t mess with Kyle, aka the Vegan Grappler:

kyle vegan grappler

Claes, all the way from Paris (and I could have sworn that was Las Vegas in the background):


Emily, during her 45K trail run in the Victorian Alps (Australia) — I always do this in my races too.


 Helena, sporting the brand new NMA cycling jersey:


 Laura, showing off the back (at CicLAvia):


And finally, Asia before her Color Me Rad 5K

asia after 682x1024

… and Asia after. 

asia before

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Thanks to everyone for wearing your NMA shirts proudly and submitting them on Facebook. No Meat Athlete would be nothing without its peeps on the ground.

2 Ways to Get in on that Sweet Action

I know, I know … you’re just dying to know where you can get one too, to enjoy your 15 minutes of something not even remotely close to fame on the NMA blog. Well, you’re in luck!

1. You’ll find most of our stuff in the No Meat Athlete store. We just got a big shipment of shirts in, and just about everything is in stock except a few random sizes, and some of the men’s tanks.

2. Cycling jerseys and triathlon tops (shown at the bottom of this post) are only available by pre-order (they’re way too expensive to stock for little old us). You can order one now, but only through May 1, 2013. They take a while to process and print, so this batch is scheduled to be delivered in early August. Please consult the size chart before ordering, as the vendor can’t do exchanges or returns for sizing issues.

In the meantime, keep sending in those photos! This post was full of stupid jokes, but in all seriousness, thanks so much for representing No Meat Athlete at your races. It means the world to me and all of us at No Meat Athlete.




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  1. I must say, greg has an AWESOME beard! Only slightly jealous though because I tend to keep mine on the shorter end, although it’s gaining length as of late.

  2. heather ward says:

    Thanks for including the photo of Susan and me at the Delano 12 Hour Run! Even though I’m not the one wearing the Runs On Plants tshirt in the pic, I am indeed also a NMA. :) Going to go order myself a shirt now… :)

  3. I plan on ordering a men’s tank, as soon as you have them back in stock.

  4. Charlotte says:

    I’m still kind of “flexitarian” because I do eat the roast my mother-in-law makes on Sundays sometimes. However, I’m really considering swearing it off completely so I can be in the t-shirt club!!! I love the way running on plants makes me feel, and I’m almost ready to make that plunge…

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